a nutritious living apprentice, wellness advocate and aspiring marathon runner.

At ReneeWrites.net you will fin a living laboratory of my memoirs, inspiration and encouragement of how to incorporate health and wellness practices into all aspects of your everyday life through good nutrition for the mind, body, and soul.

As part of my own health and wellness journey I am demystifying the voodoo around bowl cancer and bowel health.  Let’s talk about bowel motions and colonoscopies…and everything else about living with a bowel cancer diagnosis and life afterwards.

Oh, and I’m joining the ranks of great marathon runners of the world, one step at a time.  Follow along as i record my monumental progress from bowel cancer to marathon runner #bc2mr.

Please have a read of my story, my blog, check out my store, or download some of my recipes.

About Me!

In April 2016, sitting in a Dr’s office, I was faced with a CT scan picture on the Dr’s computer screen.  It was fairly obvious that there was a huge tumour growing in my bowel.  Yep.  I had bowel cancer.

At the time I was a healthy 38 year old, wife, and mum to a 7 year old, who had never had any major health issues.  Our life was turned completely upside down, churned around, and spat out the other side.

This blog and website is a place where I can share my journey, from diagnosis, through my surgeries, and how I have had to change my life around completely.  

As part of my journey through life I am now dedicated to highlighting bowel cancer as not just a disease of the elderly.  It can affect anyone, anytime, for any reason.  Through this website and blog I hope to educate on the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer, how to “know your normal” and the steps I am taking to prevent a recurrence happening in my body, and how I am improving my health along the way.

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