Welcome to Renee Writes. I’m Renee Wallace, and I write about all things related to my ongoing fight with bowel cancer. I love to write about my story, my life, changes I am making around my health and wellbeing, and whatever else takes my fancy during the day.

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About Me!

In April 2016, sitting in a Dr’s office, I was faced with a CT scan picture on the Dr’s computer screen.  It was fairly obvious that there was a huge tumour growing in my bowel.  Yep.  I had bowel cancer.

At the time I was a healthy 38 year old, wife, and mum to a 7 year old, who had never had any major health issues.  Our life was turned completely upside down, churned around, and spat out the other side.

This blog and website is a place where I can share my journey, from diagnosis, through my surgeries, and how I have had to change my life around completely.  

As part of my journey through life I am now dedicated to highlighting bowel cancer as not just a disease of the elderly.  It can affect anyone, anytime, for any reason.  Through this website and blog I hope to educate on the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer, how to “know your normal” and the steps I am taking to prevent a recurrence happening in my body, and how I am improving my health along the way.

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