My favourite…..toothpaste!

Grin Toothpaste

We all have those favourite products that we love to tell everyone about…don’t we?

Well, I do. So over time I’m going to tell you all about my favourite products, things I can’t live without, things that make my day easier, things that make my smile.

Today I’m going to let you all know about my favourite………toothpaste!

Awhile ago I received a Black Box. Inside was a fantastic range of great treats, including toothpaste. Wow, a new brand. Never heard of it before. 100% natural. I was loving it already.

This toothpaste is called Grin. A great NZ made product. I love it. Here is a pic of the ingredients for you all to see (I’m too lazy today to type them all out).

Grin toothpaste ingredients

Grin comes in 100 gram tubes. It is quite nice, very smooth on the teeth, and has a wonderful, long lasting cool mint taste. It is not over-powering like some toothpastes on the market.

There are many pros with this product.  The only con I can find is that it is slightly expensive, at $7.99 a tube, but for the quality of ingredients I find it reasonably priced.

There are many stockists of Grin Toothpaste or you can order from their website, and at the moment they have free shipping on orders over $20.

This is a great product when you are in my sort of situation…..I say that light heartedly…..where I am trying to change my lifestyle and eliminate some of the chemicals and nasties that enter our body with some products.  All it takes is small changes to the way you live to make life last longer.

These are my honest opinions.  This is a product I will keep in my bathroom probably for the rest of my life.  100% natural.

Happy days  xx

**Keep an eye out on my Facebook page.  I have one tube of Grin to give away to one lucky person**

Symptom to Diagnosis | My story so far

One thing in life I NEVER thought I would ever have to write about is cancer.  Bowel Cancer.  Bowel cancer in MY bowel.  Because, that’s right, it will never happen to me!  It happens to old people.  It happens to unhealthy people.  It happens to the other person down the road.  Well….it happened to the person down the road.  Me.

In the world of the health/cancer sector I wasn’t a candidate for bowel cancer.  I was too young.  I had a healthy diet.  I exercised.  I was female.  But, as we all know, cancer doesn’t discriminate, it chooses whoever it wants.

My journey with the horrible disease started in February 2016.  38 years old.  It started with lower left side abdominal pain.  Pain so excruciating I couldn’t walk.  After a quick consult with Dr Google I came to the conclusion it was either an ovarian cyst, urinary tract infection or something else.  It was the something else alright.

Next day, 18 February, I visited my GP.  After examination, both external and internal, we had a discussion about ovarian cysts.  She advised my best option was for her to book me into A&E for further testing.  This would get quick results.  **mental note – if GP says go to A&E for testing, second guess it unless you are dying**

Anyone, long story cut short, I spent the night at A&E, was admitted to a ward at 8.30pm on the understanding I would be having an ultrasound in the morning to detect where the pain was.  At 10am I saw the Dr doing his rounds……”as your pain has subsided, and you are too young for any bowel problem, I am discharging you.  If your pain returns come back to A&E and we will investigate further”.

My own intuition (gut feeling…..hahaha) sent me on a journey to investigate further what was wrong.  This journey turned into a roller coaster of scans, tests, Dr’s appointments, more scans and finally surgery.

So……here goes my roller coaster:  03 March I had an ultrasound.  The radiographer took a long time to look at my left side, left the room, came back with a Dr.  There is something there, we can’t determine what it is.  You will need a CT.  Your GP will refer you to a specialist for a CT scan.

24 March I met a specialist, who went through all my notes, examined me, and advised you are the perfect candidate for a CT.  Not sure what we are looking for as you are showing no symptoms for anything in particular.

31 March I was introduced to the CT Scanner.  Pretty painless.  I will blog in further detail later about what to expect for your experience.  Very quick.  On way home from hospital the Dr rings.  He needs to see me later that afternoon to discuss results.  Uh-oh!  He advises to bring a friend!  Uh-oh! But surely, I think, it can’t be that bad.  Hopefully just a cyst like my GP said and it will be easily fixed.

31 March – afternoon After seeing the pictures, it was obvious there was something in my bowel.  The Dr was neither here nor there about what it was, but he was treating me as it was the worst thing ever and hoping it was something really simple that would be easily fixed.

01 April the Dr’s office range and asked me to go and pick up a colonoscopy preparation kit.  I had been booked for a colonoscopy on Tuesday 5th April.

(Insert the most awful thing ever…..preparation for colonoscopy is not nice!  I will let you all know what happens, but for now imagine……disgusting drink and toilet).

05 April Colonoscopy day.  Quick procedure.  Didn’t feel a thing.  Before leaving the hospital the surgeon showed me photos of what he had found.  Something I really didn’t want to see.   He found a tumour which was at the sigmoid bend, not far inside.  He advised me to make an appointment with my Dr to discuss the results.  (Due to the urgency of all this, I ended up having three Dr’s/Surgeons through all this).

07 April My Dr/Specialist phoned, around 2pm, and advised I was booked in for surgery on Monday.  This day was Thursday.  Hang on, we haven’t even discussed the results of the colonoscopy.

08 April this day was spent on the phone, most of the day, talking to the surgeon doing the surgery (different form the last two Dr’s), the anesthetist, the nurse at the hospital, the receptionist at the hospital, oh and probably others but I can’t remember.

11 April Today is the day I had life changing surgery.  Today is the day they removed a stage 3 tumour from my bowel.  Today is the day I became a person diagnosed with cancer.

Surgery was successful, with a few mishaps and complications.  I’ll tell you about these later.  But for now………please take care of yourself.  It might not ever happen to you, but it just might.


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