Check In: Flight NZ125 – Auckland to Melbourne

Check In: Flight NZ125 – Auckland to Melbourne

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Flight: Air New Zealand 125 – Auckland to Melbourne

Thursday 14th July 2016 I flew from Auckland to Melbourne on Flight NZ125.  Fantastic flight.  Air New Zealand need to be commended on their service.  Many a time I have flown but this time was special.  I was in the middle of my chemo battle, and after contacting Air NZ customer service about using One Up, they surprised us with an upgrade to Premium Economy.  Wow!  Talk about amazing!  It’s going to be hard to go back to normal economy flying……decisions will have to be made on future flight bookings to see if the extra cost of premium economy is worth it!

The Details:

The Plane:  A Boeing 777-200.  Air NZ has 8 of these in its fleet.  You can visit this page to read all about the seating configuration.

On Time:  The plane was slightly late getting away from the gate, but arrival was on time in Melbourne.

My Seat:  I was seated at 25J.  Amazing.  Premium Economy.  The seat was extra wide, with extra leg room.  So spacious that when my husband needed to get up and use the toilet I didn’t need to move in my seat, there was plenty enough room for him to walk past!

Entertainment:  There was seatback touch screens, plenty to watch.  In Premium Economy everything on the inflight entertainment is free…..unlike when flying in Economy.

The lavatories: Well, apart from some other airlines which go all out in the lavatory, the toilet was very well presented in the Premium Econcomy cabin.  Lovely and clean all flight.  The use of some wonderful products, lovely soap, moisturiser and warm flannels readily available.

The crew:

Wow.  Again, wow!  Having never ever had an upgrade in my life, I had never experienced this side of Air New Zealand.  On a normal, domestic flight their service is outstanding, but this was beyond outstanding.

First, the flight deck crew.  Can’t remember their names, but they were so amazing with all their updates.  Apparently there was going to be a lot of turbulence so there was to be no service for the first hour.  Well, there was NO turbulence, but their information updates were often and very well done.

Now, the cabin crew.  Our flight attendant, Ravi, was amazing.  Nothing was a hassle.  Ravi was always wondering around offering drinks, blankets, pillows, anything else you needed.  I can’t remember the other flight attendant, who was working on the other side of the cabin, but she was just as awesome as Ravi.


Would I fly Air NZ again?  Yes, I would.  I have never flown Air NZ long haul so that is on my list somewhere.

The Price:  well I can’t really answer this as I paid for the original flight with airpoints, and then was kindly upgraded by Air NZ.

Overall Air NZ were wonderful.  From Check In (we were both booked under different booking references so weren’t actually seated together), boarding, pre-flight, during flight, after flight.  We couldn’t really fault their service.  I’m sure there is someone out there that had a problem with this flight, there usually is, but for us, it was a dream come true.

Once again, thanks to the Air NZ customer service crew behind the scenes who helped make all this happen.

Stay tuned for more of my travel, food and bowel cancer experiences and stories.

Renee xx


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