Dr Libby – an amazing experience!

Dr Libby – an amazing experience!

dr libby

So last night I got to go and see Dr Libby live!  And we were in the front row!  OMG!  It was amazing.

I have never seen her live before, seen her around the internet and read some books, but this was sort of life changing.  Not the sort of life changing as having bowel cancer and having to change your life, but she opened my eyes to a whole lot of new ideas and ways of doing things.

Dr Libby’s latest tour is all about going from surviving to thriving.  Learning about how to nourish your body so you can thrive.  At present I am in the process of reading something daily that once I have finished my treatment I can put all that I have learnt into action and help my body recover from chemotherapy.  Chemotherapy is a nasty necessary evil at the moment so all that I can do now is learn what to do once it is gone from my life!

One of my biggest takeaways from last night was that I must support my liver more.  Even though I know through blood tests and an MRI that my liver is fine now, I’m not sure if any damage has been done to it over the last 6 months of chemo and crap food I have let into my body.  (My oncologist is a very good person and lets his patients dictate their own diet while on chemo as it is hard enough sometimes just getting through the treatment that he doesn’t like to restrict your diet as well).  But, in all honesty, I have eaten far too many pies, and have noticed a huge difference in my weight the last few months.  So, no more pies for me!

Right, back to last night.  Sorry for a little divergence there!  Dr Libby was all about how to nourish your body with whole foods.  Going back to basics, eating lots and lots of veges…..I love veges so no problem there.  Limiting the other crap you let enter your body….sugar, alcohol, caffine, external poisons such as pesticides, what you put on your skin etc etc.  I have become very aware lately of what not only goes into my body but what goes onto it, as your skin is your biggest organ so you got to look after it with the right stuff.

Another Dr Libby takeaway was the calorie fallacy.  Life is not all about counting calories, calories in vs calories out etc.  Life is about nourishing your “earth suit” (a Dr Libby term but I so love it I might just use it a bit, cos right now I love my earth suit and it is under immense strain and pressure).  I have long believed that you should just eat real food.  Yes, I have eaten some crap over my lifetime.  McDonalds, Burger King, KFC were regular weekly outings.  Now, I very rarely visit one of these places.  Plus, they make me feel like crap when I do eat them and then that upsets my delicate bowel which lets me know in no uncertain terms it is upset!!!!!

And also, life is about living.  You only have one life so forget about the small shit and live a little! Don’t stress about the small stuff!  Love your life and enjoy every moment!  Don’t get so caught up with existing that you don’t end up living!  That is the one big thing that life has taught me recently.  That it is about living, having fun, enjoying your family, enjoying your friends, taking notice of the small things, smelling the roses, soaking up how small you really are when looking up at the night sky!  All those things that you take for granted, one day you won’t be able to do!  Enjoy them now!

So, if you ever get to see Dr Libby live I highly recommend it.  She will open your eyes to a whole other world that you have probably been subconsciously thinking about, like changing your lifestyle, but have always put it in the too hard basket.  Now is your time!  Do it for you!  Do it for your family!

Take care and smell the roses….

R xx

P.S.  You can find Dr Libby here or find her on social media.  You won’t regret it.

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