In June and July this year, before I had my last surgery, my husband and I had planned a 3 week trip through the United States.  It was our dream holiday.  Ticking a lot of boxes.  If the last 18 months has taught us anything it’s that you have to take the opportunities when you have them, and to live every day as much as possible.

Well, 2 weeks into our trip, said husband fell off a bicycle in Central Park in New York, broke his collarbone, and before we could finish our holiday we were on our way back to NZ.

I always knew, deep down, that I hadn’t seen New York the way I imagined it.  We saw a fair bit in the few days we had, but the last day was spent traipsing around with husband in a lot of pain and an arm in a sling.  Not fun.  There was so much more to see and do.

That brings me to my recovery after surgery.  Surgery was huge.  Recovery was slow and hard.  Looking back now, it was really just a drop in the bucket, but at the time some of the days were gruelling.  It was hard to move.  Hard to walk.  Walking to the letterbox was a massive chore.  I spent hours and hours trolling through Facebook and the internet……and I was getting bored!

One day I knew I had to set myself some goals.  Give myself a challenge.  Something to work towards.  Then, in my Facebook feed came an ad for the New York Marathon!  I looked at this social media post, just a picture, but that picture was forever indented in my mind.  That was my challenge.  That was my way back to New York.  I’m going to run the New York Marathon.  Not sure when.  But, I’m going to run the New York Marathon!

So, the idea was born.  I’m going to turn my 40 year old body that has been through hell, 2 surgeries, 6 months of chemo, poisoned beyond belief, into a marathon running body.

Introducing the hashtag #bc2mr (bowel cancer 2 marathon runner).  Follow it through social media.  It’s on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.  I’m documenting my journey from bowel cancer to marathon runner.  It’s going to be one hell of a journey.  If you are on Strava, you can also follow my progress there, but most of what I post is taken from there anyway.

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Come back every Sunday for an update on my weeks training.  You can follow my daily updates on Instragam and Facebook, and each week I’ll do an in depth update on the way my body has responded to training, running, food and everything else I put it through.  Maybe it might inspire one person to face their fear and set themselves a challenge.  Maybe it might inspire you to move.  Moving your body is good.  Moving your body is a proven treatment of preventing cancer. Maybe you have other challenges you want to face.  Maybe you have a goal in mind you want to accomplish.  I’m here to help you through.  Help you face your fears and smash that goal out of the park!  I’m doing it so you can too!

What are your dreams and goals for the future?