Music. Music is such a powerful healer. It can help to turn around depression. It can help heal the soul. It can lighten your mood. It can motivate you. Music is such a wonderful healer.  

And along with music comes singing. Daily singing, whether you are good or bad, has the ability to boost your immunity and clear your throat chakras.  

Before last Winter (when I was just at the beginning of my chemotherapy), a good friend of mine, Sarah from BodyMana Wellbeing – Pilates & Nutrition posted a video about different ways to clear your throat chakras and boost your throat immunity so you don’t suffer over winter. I truly believe that singing can help this. So, every day I sing. I’m not good at it, and no one is around when I do sing, but I sing. I am prepared to do most things to boost my immunity.

Recently I have also found a medical journal article that shows through some studies how music and singing has helped cancer patients.  It states that:

Studies have shown reductions in anxiety, improvements in mood and reductions in cardiovascular measures such as blood pressure. However, to date there has been little attention on the impacts of music interventions on biological markers of endocrine and immune function. There is nevertheless evidence to suggest that music interventions could have a combined effect on the mental health and immune function of people affected by cancer.

Most of the research I have read relates to choir singing, and singing for an hour at a time.  I, for one, am not at the moment going to join a choir, so I’ll continue to rock on to my own tunes, and probably over a day my singing equates to one hour, but not all at once.

While I definitely support the use of traditional medicine in the treatment of cancer, I am a huge advocate of natural therapies alongside traditional treatment, as long as these are discussed with your oncologist (although I’m sure that if you bring up the topic of singing every day with your oncologist, I’m sure you will get a few sideways glances and glares).  Although at present I have no cancer (that I know of) floating around, and am not undergoing any current traditional treatment, I am all for other natural therapies to help boost my immune system and increases my chances that cancer will not return, cos we all know, that once you’ve had it, you have a high chance of it returning some day.

So, as I sing every morning to boost my immunity and also help my mental health and wellbeing, I’m going to post a song. Every day, at 7.30am, a song will pop up over on my Facebook page (follow me to listen) for you all to sing along to. It will be fun. There will be some old, some new, some funky, some cool. A mixture of everything.

Who’s in for a bit of singing?

(Let me know your favourite singers, songs etc in a message below and I’ll add them to my list).

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