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Welcome to the 2017 edition of Renee Writes.  I’m Renee and I love to write.  My favourite topics are food and travel, and about changing my lifestyle for health reasons.

In 2016 I spent my year fighting bowel cancer.  It consumed my whole year, starting in February when I had my first symptom, ending in November, when I took my last dose of chemotherapy, although recovery is still ongoing.  I am now undergoing regular testing to keep this disease at bay.

So, its now time to change my lifestyle, enjoy the important things in life, have more life experiences, eat better food, drink more water, enjoy more exercise and heal my body and mind.

I’d love to share with you all my journey, my learnings along the way.  I’d also love to show you how easy it is to change your lifestyle and diet, small tiny baby steps at a time.

My journey to better health and wealth isn’t going to be a sprint.  Its all about small incremental changes, forming good habits for a lifetime of future health.  In April 2016 I faced an uncertain future when my Dr showed me a picture of my CT scan.  Now, having successfully come through surgery and 8 rounds of chemotherapy, my future is looking good.  Bowel cancer may return, it may not.  But it is now time to make changes so it has a lesser chance of taking hold and returning.

Another passion I have is travel!  Doesn’t everyone love to experience travel.  I’ll be sharing along the way through my journey to better health my travels around New Zealand (because you have to know your own back yard) and around the world.

2016 saw me travel to Melbourne and Singapore, so I’ll catch you up on parts of these journeys soon.  Before I was overcome by the effects of chemo I started writing my stories.  You can check out some here and here.

The beginning of 2017 has already been booked quite well.  April will see me taking a family trip to Blenheim, May has us heading to a conference in Brisbane and July/July I’m heading away with my hubby on one of our “to do before we die” trips to the United States.  I’m so excited for the year ahead.

So, stick around if you love food, health, wealth and travel, with the odd bit of education on bowel cancer.  This is the reason I started my journey so it sort of has to feature somewhere.

Until next time


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